Naruto-Arena Hack

This is a list of all the categories and what characters fall into them in the multiplayer game Naruto Arena. Each character also has three pieces of information: type of character, chakra used, and how often he/she is found in the game.naruto-gen

Notice that characters may fall into more than one category, and there are upgrades to original characters.
Original Characters that don’t need to be unlocked are denoted.

  • Team 7
    -Uzumaki Naruto
  • -Haruno Sakura
  • -Uchiha Sasuke
  • -Hatake Kakashi
  • Team 8
    -Hyuuga Hinata
  • -Inuzuka Kiba
  • -Aburame Shino
  • -Yuuhi Kurenai
  • Team 9
    -Rock Lee
  • -Tenten
  • -Hyuuga Neji
  • -Maito Gai
  • Team 10
    -Yamanaka Ino
  • -Nara Shikamaru
  • -Akimichi Chouji
  • -Sarutobi Asuma

Naruto-Arena Hack

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