tanothThe role-playing game Tanoth starts out in the humble village of Tarabat at the foot of the Shadow Mountains, where you begin your adventure as a brave hero. You are able to customize your hero in a variety of ways, equipping him with items, weaponry, armor and jewels to ensure he is protected in the dark world of Aris. As you conquer enemies and level up in the fantasy-themed MMORPG Tanoth, your player’s skills and attributes upgrade and improve.

These skills will define whether your battles, duels and combats are ruled by defeat or victory. As you roam the mysterious world of Aris, you will come face-to-face with both enemy players and enemy creatures, each wanting to hinder your progress in the fight against evil. Show your strength as a brave warrior and boldly defy your enemies! Additional experience can be gained in the online game Tanoth by accepting challenging quests and assignments handed out by NPCs. NPCs will also help you in other ways along the way, by trading valuable items with you and providing advice and tips.

You will find a variety of dark dungeons to explore in the fantasy-themed game Tanoth, each of which will provide endless challenges and heart-stopping PvP and PvE duels. Take on the shadowy dictator Halgan and fight to restore balance and goodness to the world of Aris.

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