Godus Hack Tool for Belief, Followers, Gems, & Wheat

If you’ve already starting playing Godus then you already know how annoying it can be having to wait for belief to regenerate or losing followers to the Astari civilization.  That’s why we created the Godus hack tool to get unlimited belief, followers, gems, and wheat!
It’s very simple to use, all you have to do is download the hack tool onto your phone or mobile device to get started.  After you’ve downloaded the tool, just open the program and you’ll be able to type in exactly how much belief, gems, wheat, or followers you want to add to your account!  There is an option to select Android or iOS devices but since Godus isn’t available for Android yet, be sure to select iOS.


As you can see, the hack tool has a simple layout so it’s easy to choose exactly how many gems, followers, wheat, or belief points you want to add to your account!  Just be sure to select iOS and then tap “connect” to link the hack tool to the account on your device.  Here is the simple step-by-step guide for how to do the Godus hack.

  1. Download the Godus hack tool onto your device.
  2. Install the hack by opening the program.
  3. Select your device type and tap “connect” to link your Godus account.
  4. Choose how much of each resource you want to add
  5. Tap “Start” to begin the hack!

That’s all there is to it!  Hopefully this hack tool will help reduce your waiting time which is one of the most frustrating parts of playing Godus!

*Use this link to download Godus Hack on your Windows or Mac Computer:


*Use this link to download Godus Hack on your Android or iOS - you can unlock the download link using your phone(no expiry):


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