Are you tired of having very low gems, gold, and mana? Are you tired of logging on your account and see these stats very very low and you need to fight more and more because you want to upgrade something or level up your heroes to make them more powerful or buy something to build up your fortress and have a higher rank.

We offer you a free application that could generate you free gems, gold and mana and help you build your castle clash ranking. Believe me you are really behind if you are not using this tool now, some players have started using this tool ages ago and now they are ranking on the top! Read below for the complete features of this powerful application.

(Note: This tool is for android and iOs phones only)



Castle Clash Tool Features (for android and ios)
Generate gems (up to 99,999)
Generate gold (up to 999,999)
Generate mana (up to 999,999)
Fast generation process
Unlimited castle clash account
100% FREE
Works on all version of android (smoothly on android 4+ version)
Works on iphone, iphone 4s, iphone 5s/5c
Extra Features
Hack Server Time and speed up the process
Hack Hero’s level up to level 100

*Use this link to download Castle Clash Hacking v2.2 on your Windows or Mac Computer:


*Use this link to download Castle Clash Hacking v2.2 on your Android or iOS - you can unlock the download link using your phone(no expiry):


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