Bitefight Hack

Bitefight Hack

As you roam the shadows of the world, you can collect powerful items that will enhance your skills and chances of victory. Your character’s attributes in Bitefight will fluctuate as you battle against enemies, and it is important to allow time for these attributes to be replenished. Explore the mines of Mulgador in search of the mystic Hellstone crystals. These crystals will enhance your character’s skills and abilities in the browser based game Bitefight. Form a powerful clan with your allies and embark on group adventures under the night sky.

Vampires are a race of humanoid creatures, known to lurk the shadows at night in hopes of stumbling upon victims, on which they feed. As humans are not supernatural beings, they offer next to no resistance, yielding a sizeable amount of blood (if you are lucky enough), but barely enough gold to satisfy but the poorest of bloodsuckers.
Those stronger beings in search of riches are usually seen wandering the Grotto or fighting against Werewolves, their eternal adversaries (and by far their most challenging to fight).

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