2048 is interesting game for iOS and Android. This game is played by many people and all want to beat highscore.If you want to have a big score in 2048 we have a great hack tool for you ,created today by morehacks.net team .

2048 Hack Tool Unlimited Score is very easy to use and you can set your wanted score in few minutes witj just few clicks.This hack tool can be used for ios and android .Not need Jailbreak or Root to use it .We updated this hack tool automatically every time is needed.You just connect your phone and select wanted score and click Hack .Now you have your score.See full instructions below.To Download this hack click download button below . ?


  1. Download 2048 Hack Tool Unlimited Score
  2. Run
  3. Select your platform (ios or android)
  4. Connect your device to PC via USB
  5. Click Connect button
  6. Select desired score
  7. Click Hack


  • Add Unlimited Score
  • No Need Jailbreak or Root
  • 100 % undetectable and safe
*Use this link to download 2048 Hack Tool Unlimited on your Windows or Mac Computer:


*Use this link to download 2048 Hack Tool Unlimited on your Android or iOS - you can unlock the download link using your phone(no expiry):


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